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Ever wondered how to create award winning content? Do you know who the best producers /directors are? Do you understand what the latest PR / celebrity trends are? Do you want to create the ultimate patron, ambassador or celebrity programme that delivers for your business and or charity? Do you want to create a philanthropy programme that brings about lasting change? Leave a UK and global legacy? Or grow your profile in emerging markets and increase your audiences? We want to help.

With a one day workshop we can;

  • Showcase the best recipe for a campaign success, including advising on celebrity and social influencer acquisition
  • Share horizon scanning insight; what’s coming up, what’s been working and not working, how to create an award wining campaign and launch
  • Showcase the best and worst creative content, how to make demonstrable impact, how to build your brand
  • Showcase and create the best communications campaign
  • Show you how to use, and amplify, the role of your patrons, trustees and ambassadors
  • Explain the difference between philanthropy and CSR, and help you identify your audiences, new supporters, new business targets
  • Help you to measure risk, evaluate, and talk to your audiences in a new way that creates long-lasting relationships


We work with some of the world’s most inspirational and aspirational brands. To talk to us about how we can help you change the world or supercharge your profile, contact us at:


54 South Molton Street,
Mayfair, London,

+44 (0)20 3745 8054


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We are proud to work with a highly-skilled and trusted network of
influential individuals and teams around the world.

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    Chloe Franse - Founder & CEO

    Chloe Franses
    Founder & CEO

    We love to work with amazing people at every level of our business, and are always keen to hear from bright, ambitious and innovative individuals who want to change the world. If you think this is you, get in touch here